The National (UAE)Russia’s campaigner against corruption – January 24, 2010
Alexei Navalny is a minority shareholder in almost every major Russian state-owned company that is publicly listed and uses his minority ownership to instigate political change in Russia.

Moscow Times – Economy Ranked a Notch Above ‘Repressed’ – January 21, 2010
Russia slipped again in the Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Economic Freedom. Political science and financial analysts agree that rampant corruption, government intervention in key sectors and byzantine regulations are the reasons “why Russia’s economy is losing flexibility and competitiveness.”

RIA NovostiRussia needs better private property protection – deputy premier – January 21, 2010
Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister and head of the anti-crisis program, admits at an international conference in Moscow that Russia needs to improve property protection and diversity the Russian economy. The article also notes that the key issues for foreign investors in Russia are property rights, weak rule of law, corruption and opaque corporate governance.

Financial TimesRussians woo investors for London IPOs – January 10, 2010
The financial crisis reduced the fortunes of Russia’s oligarchs, who are actively courting foreign investors to help them raise $55 billion through international capital markets.

Spectator UKThere’s something rotten in the state of Russia – January 9, 2010
President Dimitry Medvedev was supposed to clean up his country but, says Owen Matthews, feudalism, lawlessness and corruption suit all those keen to hold onto money and power.

Wall Street JournalInvestments Will Remain a Gamble Until Rule of Law Comes to Russia – January 7, 2010
Columnist Irwin Stelzer cites a study by Harvard professor Robert Barro that shows a strong rule of law is strongly correlated with improving economies and equates investing in Russia without the rule of law is like “shooting craps with Big Vladimir of Leningrad.”

Wall Street JournalA Hard Pitch for Rusal – January 6, 2010
Patience Wheatcroft discusses the financial and political risks associated with the Rusal IPO in Hong Kong.

Deutsche WelleRussian supreme court deems arrest of Khodorkovsky associate “illegal” – December 23, 2009
Russia’s supreme court has ruled the 2003 arrest of Platon Lebedev, a business associate of former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was illegal.

Moscow TimesA Year of Increased Graft and Deadly Disasters – December 22, 2009
Vladimir Ryzhkov writes, “As we approach the end of the year, there is not much to celebrate on the political and economic fronts. In Russia, 2009 will be remembered for its increase in corruption and bloody catastrophes and for the country’s overall deterioration.”

Newsweek RussiaSechin Evolution into Reportedly Number Two Man in Russian Government Examined – December 20, 2009
In Russian. Mikhail Zygar, Andrey Litvinov and Mikhail Fishman report on Vice Premier Igor Sechin’s rise to power and his strong personal connection with Prime Minister Putin. English translation here.

TIME Magazine The Danger of Doing Business in Russia – December 19, 2009
The persistence of reiderstvo, or corporate raiding by corrupt officials in Russia, is paralyzing small- and mid-sized businesses, as well as scaring off foreign investment, Carl Schreck reports.

Christian Science Monitor Russia: Why Kremlin still pursues banished oil tycoon Khodorkovsky – December 18, 2009
In Russia, where public support for Kremlin attacks on oil tycoon Khodorkovsky is waning, there are two starkly different narratives. But both sides agree he was singled out for punishment because of his political motivations.

BloombergRussia May Amend Law Deterring Foreign Mine Investors (Update2) – December 10, 2009
Legislation designed to protect domestic mining companies and reap rewards for Putin’s loyalists is being reconsidered now that the mineral deposits market has plunged and government officials are seeking more revenue reports Ilya Khrennikov.

NanovipWhy an ambitious Russian tech initiative is doomed to fail – December 10, 2009
Julia Ioffe writes about Russia’s effort at becoming a global leader in nanotechnology through the government funded venture organization Rusnanotech, founded in April 2007. Rusnanotech was funded by the forced sale of Yukos and was supposed to address all the chronic issues plaguing Russia – corruption, dependence on oil, deteriorating infrastructure and brain drain – but all these issues have only gotten worse under Medvedev’s direction.

New York TimesChina and Russia Lagging in Global Anti-Graft Effort – December 10, 2009
Matthew Saltmarsh cites Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index and PWC’s economic crime survey cited as supporting evidence that Russia is not concerned about quality regulation of business.

Eurasia Daily Monitor Strategic Countdown and Russia’s Escalating Instability – November 30, 2009
Pavel Baev of the Jamestown Foundation points that “Putin’s own system of power distinctly resembles a financial pyramid where the top crooks extract vast profits by cheating a great number of naive stakeholders…[And that] the moment of meltdown is hard to predict – but the collapse is typically very fast.”

GuardianYukos shareholders win first round in legal battle – November 30, 2009
Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague ruled the Energy Charter Treaty is binding on Russia, making potential rulings from arbitration courts in Yukos shareholders’ favour enforceable. Yukos shareholders are seeking compensation of $100bn from Russian authorities.

Philadelphia Inquirer Russian justice still headed in the wrong direction – November 29, 2009
“Forward!” urges President Medvedev, but the Yukos oil company case tells a different story. Ariel Cohen, senior research fellow at the Davis Institute for International Studies at the Heritage Foundation, writes in this op-ed how Medvedev needs to institute a transparent and independent system of law if his alternative economic-development model is to succeed.

Radio Free EuropeCorruption In Russia, Part 2: Law Enforcers Often The Worst Offenders – November 28, 2009
Gregory Feifer reports on how Russian law enforcement use their position elicit bribes. “[T]he government itself estimates people in Russia shell out $300 billion in bribes each year.”

EconomistDmitry Medvedev’s building project – November 26, 2009
The Russian president talks up modernisation, but to little purpose. The Economist notes, “Mr. Medvedev is unlikely to stop the hostage-taking, corporate raids by state agencies, rent-seeking and corruption that have become part of the system. It is a system that…is the main obstacle to Russia’s modernisation.”

Christian Science Monitor Can YouTube stop Russian corruption? Policeman’s video appeal to Putin – November 23, 2009
Alexei Dymovsky, a policeman in Novorossisk, posted a series of open letter videos on YouTube addressed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin where he states that his superiors practice various forms of corruption and fraud. According to the article, “corruption in Russia … costs Russians as much as $318 billion per year, or more than one-third the gross domestic product (GDP).”

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